Meat isn’t bad. It’s just expensive.

I moved myself out of the University of Kansas dorms into my own house in May 2013. After two weeks of living without the comfort of an all-you-can-eat dining hall, I realized, “I actually have to buy my own food now.

It took one trip to Dillon’s to realize meat costs a pretty penny—more than my weekly budget of next-to-nothing could allow. I stood in the deli aisle for about five minutes, weighing my decision, before I put the honey-smoked turkey back and took a detour to the produce section.

It’s been seven months now, and I’m proud to still call myself a (mostly) vegetarian. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve struggled with the aroma of meat, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmastime (I’ll admit to having more than one helping of homemade chicken and noodles.)

I understand that in a time of deep-dish, three-dollar-special pepperoni cream cheese pizza and Smoke burgers from The Burger Stand on Mass. Street, vegetarian living doesn’t appeal to some of my classmates and friends. However, I feel like I’ve come this far, why not keep on going?  I’ve found that vegetarian living isn’t so difficult if you commit to it, even as a sophomore in college. I don’t try to play by all the rules, rather, I’m exploring the ones that work for me.

This blog’s purpose is to expose those pizza and burger lovers to how the other half lives: to debunk some myths, give some tips about living as a vegetarian or dealing with one, and prove that it’s possible to change your life by changing your diet (as cliché as that sounds).


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