Parisian, paleo and poor-health vegetarians


A vegetarian in Paris

It’s not a common sight to see a vegetarian in France, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to be meat-free in the City of Light. Restaurant guide books, smartphone apps and exploring other cultures’ cuisines are the best resources for a veggie in Paris.

Paleo vs. vegetarian: mortal enemies or friendly allies?

A nutritionist wrote a Washington Post Q and A that defines each diet separately and breaks down recent research about both. The bottom line: unless you’re living off the land, following a dual paleo-vegetarian diet is possible, but not very feasible or healthy.

Diet dangers: is vegetarian really healthier?

Data from the Austrian Health Interview Survey says no. The cross-sectional study, conducted by the Medical University of Graz found that vegetarians tend to have higher risks of allergies, heart attacks and cancer, and an overall poorer quality of life.

PHOTO: The Eiffel tower as seen from the Champ de Mars/Edisonblus


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