LIVE BLOG: SUA vegetarianism and veganism event draws hungry student crowd, educates about campus options

PHOTO: Chad Shugert, an SUA volunteer, serves food to students at the Vegetarianism and Veganism food event on Wednesday. About 50 students showed up during the course of the two-hour event to try free food and learn about vegetarian and vegan options on campus.


The smell of free veggie burgers wafted through the Union on Wednesday as SUA prepared for the Vegetarianism and Veganism food event in the Kansas Union. SUA and KU Dining teamed up to offer free samples of vegetarian food from The Market, which included Brellas wraps, sushi and fajita vegetables.

Mary Rondon, a registered dietician and student coordinator for KU Dining Services, said the University has recently expanded these options by adding a vegan food station, KUZone, at Mrs. E’s dining hall and continuing to provide fresh vegetarian options at The Market dining center in the Union.

Rondon also said the University has benefitted from growing produce in the rooftop garden, which is on the sixth floor of the Union. Last year, KU Dining harvested 340 pounds of veggies.

Carrie Wallace, a University alumnus, said the scope of vegetarian options has expanded since she attended the University from 2003 to 2008.

“The food is good, but it’s different from what was available when I was a student here,” she said. “It’s a good change, though.”

Dmitri, an elementary-school-aged child, was with Wallace at the event and branched out by trying a couple of new foods. He whispered to Wallace that he thought she might like the breaded mushrooms.

“I had no idea he liked mushrooms,” Wallace said with a laugh. “It’s good to know.”

More information about vegetarian and vegan KU Dining options can be found at NetNutrition or the KU Dining website.


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