Vegan winners this week: healthy diets, restaurants, Samuel L. Jackson and video-gaming pigs


All hail the unprocessed foods

It’s not breaking news, but researcher David Katz officially found that no matter what the diet — Paleo, low-carb or vegetarian — it’s healthy as long as it emphasizes consuming unprocessed foods. He published his teams’ findings in Annual Reviews this week.

Vegan: not just a fad 

Currently trending: March Madness, the iPhone 6 and…veganism? The Chicago Tribune asked a few restaurant owners from around the country to share their thoughts about the increase in vegan menu items and those who indulge in them.

Vegan celebrity of the week: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson joined the growing list of celebrity vegans this week when he told reporters that he has been trying the diet for health reasons. The 65-year-old Jackson joked that he’s “trying to live forever.”

When pigs (learn to) fly

A new PSA that aims to educate consumers about the similar levels of animal intelligence between pets and farmed animals is circulating around the web, thanks to the Farm Sanctuary. The company said they hope to change perspectives about eating meat.

Photo: screenshot from farmsanctuary1 video “Pigs are friends, not food” uploaded March 25, 2014.


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