Vegetarian superheroes this week: human blood, livestock farmers and Chipotle


And the best blood award goes to…

…vegetarians, apparently. Those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet have significantly lower blood pressure levels than carnivores, according to a meta-analysis published earlier this week. A lower blood pressure correlates with lower weight and fewer health concerns, like cholesterol levels. Researchers aren’t certain, but there are three key factors in the blood pressure argument: consuming more potassium from plant-based foods and less saturated animal fats, and having a more active lifestyle.

Farmers and vegetarians: unite!

To prevent global warming from becoming worse and keep up with the rising demand for meat, the answer isn’t eating less meat: it’s changing the animals’ diets. When more land area is added to the 30 percent already used for the world’s supply of livestock, greenhouse gases are released. There are even more emissions if those animals are fed grass, like most of the developing world’s meat supply. To reduce the emissions and improve efficiency, a new analysis says farmers must start feeding their animals grain.

Chipotle goes vegan (or, what’s a Sofrita?)

Chipotles across the country will soon be adding a new vegan option to the menu: shredded tofu. The Sofrita’s protein source organic, sustainably grown, soy-based, GMO-free and tasty, made with roasted poblano peppers, chiles and spices. Chipotle culinary manager Nate Appleman said he thinks it might even shift meat-eaters away from the chicken and steak options on the menu and reduce meat consumption throughout the brand. Currently, Sofritas can be found in 16 states and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Image courtesy of User:Proshob on Wikimedia Commons.

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